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Information about UFC Weight Classes

Martial Arts is part of the Eastern tradition, which emphasizes strengthening the body, mind and spirit.Teachings emphasize that there should be the true martial artist physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to avoid conflicts.There are many forms of martial arts including Karate, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Yan swing.Martial Arts on the operating system of offensive and defensive battles, including punching, kicking, blocking and offensive skills.Many people associate frequent martial arts violence and cruelty ..Although the art form to develop a self-defense, the ship or performing high kicks punches.Is a philosophy that stresses that there are people in peace and harmony.There are many forms of martial arts including karate, kung fu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, judo, jiu-jitsu and deviation Yan seven

weight classes

Martial Arts high energy workout that can improve health, strength, quickness, agility and conditioning.Martial Arts high energy workout that can improve health, strength, speed, fitness, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.However, in sports and other activities that the changes that can be found in the martial arts and competition.Research George Washington University in the United States found that the greater damage to the martial arts, lower than in other sports such as rugby, football, basketball and hockey.Statistical In conclusion, the number of accidents in martial arts training is lower than other contact sports such as rugby, football, basketball and hockey.Most injuries are associated with martial arts of the limbs and lower abdominal pain, usually mild to moderate injuries

Joint Injuries martial arts are:

.Most Injuries associated with martial arts back pain and leg pain is usually mild to moderate injuries.

· Damage to the skin - such as cuts and bruises.· Skin damage - such as cuts and bruises.

° distortion - occur in many sprained ankles, knees and other areas.Most of the distortion of the distribution network for the development of a bad ankle weights dig ° strain - muscle and tendon injuries.

Knee Pain - due to knee flexed position typical of most martial arts and the use of vibration that can cause damage if not done correctly.

Some of the muscles of the thing, there are strong competitors or stop quickly and broken.° - patterns in the muscle or tendon lesions.

° over injuries - part of the body can damage the reproduction of the whole movement.Statistical

Recommended wearing helmets and mouth guards the martial arts quality

In addition, stretching exercises and martial arts training to improve the overall situation and the muscles before a comprehensive martial arts training.Breathing techniques are also useful in the practice karate.In addition to stretching, martial arts should include exercises that improve the condition of muscles before and comprehensive training in martial arts.By reinforcing the joints, muscles and coordination, players will be able to secure and undamaged martial arts.Statistical Breathing techniques are an important part of martial arts practice.Regular Stretching reduces the risk of injury and maintain or increase flexibility.In addition to stretching exercises, martial arts training before the start of the training of martial arts extensively on improving general fitness and muscle training to take.

Stretching regularly helps maintain or increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.
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